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I have been a mother since I was 16. Life was hard, money was short and I was a kid. I knew someday I would have all of my dreams fulfilled but knew that started with me.
So here I am.....I have led a life filled with joys as well as heartache like most have. I have learned so much through travels, breaking bread with different cultures and living in a multi-cultural city. With this fabulous experience of life, I find that I do not want my heritage and culture “lost” among so many new experiences.

This led me to form Bliss Chics. A place where I can share my Southern Culture. From cooking food to home remedies, meditation to goat yoga, gardening to preserving foods.....I have partnered with many people that are artistic in their own realm. I mean.....if I am going to make a Tamale from scratch—I will be contacting the Tamale King of Alexandria, Louisiana, to obtain the BEST recipe.

Come along with my family and enjoy the journey! You never know what idea is next!

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I'm Amy!

Bliss is what we try to bring to everything! You will find updates, daily life, life hacks, gardening tips, recipes, live feeds for crafts and products that we love!

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