Meet Amy Bliss

Hey Y’all, I am beginning a journey and want to bring you along. This is my story. I began travel nursing in 1993. I took my kids with me and while in Florida I met the man I have been married to for 25 years the Love of My Life, Ed. We always knew we wanted to continue to travel and struck out. 2 adults, 3 kids, 1 bird and 1 dog. To involve the kids, we took a map of the United States and asked our kids to point to where they wanted to live. We traveled all of the corners of the US and in-between. Now we have children in Washington, Kentucky, Norway and Italy. We enjoy our travels to spend time with them. I also miss the time I spent in the kitchen with my Mammaw. I noticed that many skills my grandmother, Shelva Benson Pearson (and other influential women in my life) taught me have not been handed down to the next generations. So after pondering why, I realized it is really because living so many miles from each other is the norm for many families now-a-days this making it hard to pass down your heritage, home remedies, recipes, cooking techniques, etc. I was born and raised in Louisiana. Passing this down to my family is so important. Many of my friends and acquaintances ask for recipes, spice information, gardening, canning, etc. My friends and family love the stories from being raised in Sarepta and Springhill, Louisiana. So I put together a place where I can share stories from my raising, share my recipes, share laughs and smiles.

More About Bliss Chics

We are a family that were affected by these crazy times! As it became more apparent that our family would need to stay in our "Bliss Bubble" it also became apparent that we wanted to contribute, give others resources and what better way than to teach our family how to work a business that can offer this to others.

You will find our family making homemade goods such as Blueberry Syrup, Home Decor, sourcing EXCELLENT "finds" as we live our daily lives. Any given day, you might see one of the Bliss Chics, just popping in to share a live feed, video, new products, recipe, etc. So stop by and see what Bliss Magic is happening in the Store, what Chic is cooking today and so many other fun things! We will be blogging everything from Jelly making to educational resources for the kiddos, Meditation events, Soap Making, etc.

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